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Dan Brown Location ‘Rosslyn and the Grail ?’



Does the fabled Holy Grail lie buried beneath Rosslyn Chapel?

Rosslyn Chapel is one of the most famous, most mysterious and most misunderstood places in the world. There are many stories and theories about the chapel, but what is the truth?

For the first time ever, two historians identify Arthurian carvings within Rosslyn Chapel and show the connections between the tales of Rosslyn Chapel and Castle, and the legends of King Arthur, the Knights of the Round Table and the Quest for the Holy Grail.

Did the Knights Templar hide their treasure in Rosslyn's secret crypt?
The true history of the Knights Templar in Scotland and their links to Rosslyn and the St Clair family are finally revealed.

Can the thousands of carvings within Rosslyn Chapel be decoded?
Millions of people worldwide have read about Rosslyn in The Da Vinci Code.
Now the facts are separated from the fiction as the hidden symbolism of  Rosslyn Chapel is brought to light after centuries veiled in secrecy.

After 500 years the real story of Rosslyn and the Grail can finally be told:







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